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"Valiant is not a fox, foxes are illegal in this city. He is a rare breed of dog."

-Sonny Séance

In Itty Bitty Adventures you play as Valiant Séance, a "small dog" looking for his lost mum. 

The game plays like a typical platformer for the most part. 

If Valiant collides with enemies turn based combat is initiated.

Valiant can level up and increase his ability to bark and bite enemies into submission.

There are 2 other playable characters that can be unlocked through exploring.

This game runs on the original Game Boy and is enhanced when played on Game Boy Color.

You will need a Game Boy emulator or flash cart to play Itty Bitty Adventures.


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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Itty Bitty Adventures (Game Losers) (2023).gb 1 MB

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