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In Crypto-Fascist you play as a government agent pushing pills and stacking bitcoin in a classic "block pushing puzzle" game.

We made this game using NES Puzzle Maker and the related source code.

NES Puzzle Maker


Source Code

We made original graphics, music, and sounds for this.

You will need an NES emulator of flash cart to play Crypto-Fascist.


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Crypto-Fascist (Game Losers) (2022).nes 40 kB

Development log


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This is incredible! This might be my favorite game I've seen from NES Puzzle Maker so far. The levels seem to grow in difficulty at a reasonable pace, and get quite hard later on! (You've gotten me stumped a good few times, and 

I haven't actually beaten it yet (I'm currently around level 36) but I'm impressed. It's fun to play the bad guy sometimes. 

One request: when referencing me publicly can you use my screenname rather than my full legal name? I have it in license documents for legal reasons, but I don't prefer to advertise it.

Also, does Game Losers have a twitter account? I might share this out, but I'd prefer share your words or credit you if I can

We actually set up a twitter account specifically to tweet @ you about this. We got hit pretty hard with covid over the weekend, we are both kind of a mess right now. Sorry about the name thing. Fixed. Glad you liked the game.


Thanks for updating, and take care! Covid isn't fun, hope you heal up quick.


Hey Game Losers! Made big updates to  https://donstathemonsta.itch.io/paddles-of-nuclear-gunnery.

Saw you added it to your collection.